Rural Law

It’s that time of year again and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Edinburgh weather dries up a little before the Royal Highland Show. Not that we don’t love getting our wellies on, but surely a bit of sunshine in June isn’t too much to ask?!

VHighland cow (2)arious members of the team will be out and about on both Thursday and Friday and are looking forward to taking in the sights and catching up on the RHS2016 gossip – here’s what they all look like for reference; feel free to flag them down for a chat.

And what a lot there is to chat about this year. There’s always something that everyone is talking about at the Show and this year that will no doubt be the EU Referendum. The Show starts on polling day, Thursday 23rd, with the result anticipated to be known early on Friday morning.

Land Registration

Somewhat less headline grabbing but still of interest to many (judging by our inboxes anyway) is the topic of land registration. With Registers of Scotland targeted with completion of the Land Register by 2024, the push continues to get land off the old Sasine Register and onto the OS map-based Land Register.

We still encounter lots of misunderstanding about the whys, whens and hows of the whole process so have pulled together a Q&A document to try to help.

We also have lots of other information about what the team is up to, and briefing notes (under “Expert Insight”) on everything from the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016, to what you need to think about before you put your farm up for sale.

So, if you fancy getting up to speed with any of that, give it a click. And if you have any questions after reading it all, get in touch – either give us a call or email, or find us at the Show!


Fiona Scott