Scotland’s legal sector has undergone significant changes in recent years and for many law students seeking a traineeship these have been worrying times. Happily, there are still opportunities to be seized and Brodies remains as keen as ever to recruit the best new legal talent from universities.

To this end, those of us who would shortly be joining the firm as trainees were asked if we’d like to volunteer as Campus Ambassadors. This involves acting as points of contact for our fellow students interested in applying to Brodies, and generally promoting the firm within universities across Scotland.

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The role has given me excellent hands-on marketing experience, but in truth, I’ve found myself pushing at an open door. Most of my peers have at least considered a traineeship with the firm as a way of gaining exposure to quality clients and interesting transactions without having to relocate to London. Brodies is well regarded for the high standard of its traineeship experience, and for the very encouraging NQ retention rates at the end of the two years. And at my own university, Edinburgh, the firm is already a familiar name thanks to the partners and staff who deliver lectures and tutorials.

Nevertheless, as Ambassadors we’ve all been busy on our respective campuses, helping to organise mock interviews and careers presentations; sponsoring tables at dinners and balls; and distributing branded mouse-mats and posters throughout libraries. We’ve also maintained a presence on social media, reminding students of application deadlines and open evenings and responding to questions from individuals following their visits to the Brodies stand at law fairs.

It’s this last element of the role that I have most enjoyed. Potential applicants have appreciated candid answers to those questions they may not have wished to field in a formal setting. But moreover, I’m genuinely keen for my peers to apply. I’ve spent two hugely enjoyable summers with the firm, and in much the same way as I’d recommend a particularly good restaurant to a friend, I’d encourage all law students to include Brodies amongst their short-list of potential firms.

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I certainly can’t imagine a better place to begin a career in the profession, but if you have any questions then come and ask me or contact the Brodies Ambassador on your campus!

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