Following the tragic events of the Grenfell Tower fire, questions of fire safety, and the safety of buildings more generally, have been the key focus for everyone who works in the construction industry. At Brodies, our specialist team of lawyers continue to follow the various legislative and regulatory developments with interest, in what is one of the largest shake-ups to the construction and property industries in a generation.

These changes impact all aspects of the life of a building – from the products which can be used in construction to the responsibilities of building owners once a building is occupied; from the process to get planning approval to who bears liability if something goes wrong.

This page gathers together all of the key legal information you need to know if you are an investor or are involved in the development, design or construction of buildings and provides contact details of our specialist teams who can advise you on any queries which you might have.

What the law says in Scotland

The majority of the provisions of the Building Safety Act do not apply in Scotland. However, that's not to say the regulations haven’t also been amended to reflect stricter standards. Read the articles below to find out more.

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