Our commitments make real differences

It is important to set ourselves long term targets to work towards, but we believe it is equally important to make meaningful progress now, and to pursue continual improvement. By the end of our current 2021 - 2024 strategic period we aim to:


Recycle 80% of all waste


Waste to landfill


Reduce paper use by 50%


Cut office energy use by 10%

Climate, environment & sustainability colleague group

The climate, environment and sustainability group was created to help colleagues and the firm to take real actions towards improving the sustainability of our working practices and work environment, as well as our individual lives. Its objectives include establishing climate and sustainability metrics, facilitating the gathering of data to measure our current and future performance, and driving colleague engagement in environmental initiatives.

"There are so many great ways we can be environmentally conscious and sustainable, both at work and in our personal lives. As part of the climate, environment and sustainability group I can contribute to the work Brodies is doing and hope to show colleagues how we can all be empowered to make a positive difference in our own way."

Member of the climate, environment and sustainability group
Climate, environment & sustainability colleague group

Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy sets out our expectations of ourselves and our suppliers. We have an ongoing responsibility to use resources efficiently, minimise waste and reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. In addition, we want to involve and support our colleagues in understanding how to champion positive change in their home and work lives, and the positive effects of those decisions. We will work to continuously improve our environmental performance by:

Read our environmental policy

Environmental laws

Complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and guidance and with other requirements and commitments that may apply to our activities.

Objectives and reporting

Measuring, managing and monitoring our environmental impacts, setting environmental objectives and targets for continual improvement, and reviewing and reporting on our performance. 

Sustainable procurement

Embedding sustainable procurement into our business, and so far as practicable, working with our supply chain towards understanding and aligning with our environmental values.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities (including travel) to meet our performance objectives and targets.

Enlightened Thinking

Raising awareness across our firm and beyond through thought leadership and the creation of a culture that promotes sustainability.

Reducing waste

Reducing waste from our business activities by implementing reduction, re-use and recycling in accordance with the principles of the waste hierarchy.

Reducing our consumption

Reducing our consumption of resources (energy, paper, water) and improving efficient use of resources.

Protect the environment

Taking all reasonable steps through effective management to protect the environment, including preventing and reducing pollution.

Environmental management

Implementing a management system that is consistent with ISO 14001 for environmental management.


We are proud to partner with the associations, initiatives and organisations that underpin our professional standards and commitment to our colleagues.

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