At Brodies, the way we work means I can plan my day my way, and this freedom motivates me to achieve my full potential.

Ashley McPartlin, Head of Inclusion & Diversity

Morning routine

  • Gym session
  • Grab a coffee to start the day!
  • Check emails and prepare for meetings
  • Meet with colleagues to progress inclusion & diversity strategy

Afternoon routine

  • Grab lunch and catch up with my team 
  • Deliver inclusion & diversity training
  • Report on inclusion & diversity progress against strategy and forward plan
  • Collect my daughter from school and take her swimming

Evening routine

  • Log on to tie up work for the day
  • Organise and prioritise for tomorrow
  • Read my daughter bedtime stories
  • Dinner and drinks with friends

Why did you choose to become Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Brodies?

Having worked for Brodies previously, I always had a very positive view of the firm. In the time I spent away from Brodies I worked in HR roles with a significant focus on inclusion and diversity. I jumped at the opportunity to return to set up the inclusion & diversity strategy for the firm. It allowed me to come back to an organisation that I loved working for, whilst also using my skills to design and implement a strategy that will benefit the firm, our colleagues and clients, as well as future colleagues of the firm.

Which of Brodies' five values resonates with you most and how do you incorporate it into your daily role?

I am passionate about all our values but if I really had to pick one I would choose collegiate, as it means that we are stronger together. This aligns fully with our inclusion and diversity strategy which works towards creating an environment where everyone feels valued and included. I incorporate this into my role, by ensuring that I engage with colleagues and seek thoughts and ideas for new initiatives and how we do things, adapting our plans and ways of working for the better.

What three things can you not live without to do your job?

  • My collaborative and supportive team!
  • A leadership team that gives you latitude to shape your role, make recommendations and is open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • A plan, I always feel much better when I have a plan for the day, month and year!

What aspect of your role do you enjoy most, and why?

The fact that we are making changes that will benefit both existing colleagues and future generations of colleagues to come.

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Our values

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