In my role as senior sponsor of inclusion and diversity, I am inspired every day by our colleagues' stories and ideas. 

Iain Rutherford, Partner

Morning routine

  • Go for a run then take the kids to school
  • Do an hour's work at home - catch up on emails and plan for the day ahead
  • Drive into the office
  • Have a video call with client in a collaborative space 

Afternoon routine

  • Lunch with a client or intermediary 
  • Record a podcast 
  • Attend a strategic board meeting to help drive forward implementation of the firm's strategic plan

Evening routine

  • Walk our dog
  • Take kids to rugby / Brownies
  • Dinner with my family
  • Emails and planning for the following day

Why did you choose to become a Litigation lawyer?

I wanted variety and a career that allows me to problem solve. No two days or weeks are the same, which keeps it exciting, and I am always learning. 

What three things can you not live without to do your job?

  • Coffee
  • My team and fellow partners - the collaboration is great
  • Running - it gives me head space

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most, and why?

The big picture and strategic planning angle of my role. Looking at where we want to get to and how we are going to get there. And in my role as senior sponsor of inclusion and diversity, I am inspired every day by our colleague's stories and ideas.  

What's your top tip for someone keen to pursue a similar career?

Try and find something that you enjoy doing and are passionate about - working with people, collaborating on projects and communicating with others are important to me.

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