Brodies acted on behalf of Park’s of Hamilton (Holdings) Ltd in its successful action for damages against the managing director of LAGTA Ltd. Park's of Hamilton was the largest shareholder in LAGTA Ltd when the firm was sold to SPX Corporation in 2007 for £5.2m. Colin Campbell, the managing director of LAGTA Ltd and the second largest shareholder in the company, negotiated the deal with SPX Corporation and received £26 for each share, while all the other shareholders, including Park's, received £21.50 per share.

Park's had agreed to this differential on the basis that Mr Campbell told it and the other shareholders that it was his remuneration for agreeing to act as a consultant to the company after its sale.

Brodies succeeded in an action for damages against Mr Campbell for the loss sustained as a result of his “negligent misrepresentation” when negotiating the sale of the business after it emerged that Mr Campbell had also received remuneration from SPX Corporation for his consultancy. Lord Malcolm held that in essence there was a fiduciary relationship between him and the other shareholders and in the circumstances he owed Park’s and the other shareholders "a duty of care not to make carelessly inaccurate or incomplete statements which could foreseeable mislead them and cause them economic loss".

Lord Malcolm held that the defender had breached his duty of care and that in turn the pursuers were entitled to damages for the loss they had suffered as a result of their reliance on Mr Campbell's negligent misrepresentations.