Spousal maintenance and Covid-19

Spousal maintenance and Covid-19

Many families will be struggling with the reality of social distancing if not self-isolation and the impact of the spread of Covid-19 is making itself felt in a number of ways.  Particular challenges are emerging  for separated and blended families  as the reality of the stay at home policy bites in with all that means for work and pay. Some of these issues have been covered by my colleagues- (,,

Many people will have a concern about finances during this difficult period. Husbands, wives and civil partners, whether separated or living together, continue to have a duty to support one another financially. When separated, their obligation is to provide such support as is reasonable in the circumstances with regard to their respective needs, resources and earning capacities.

If your income has been unexpectedly reduced and you are either obliged to pay aliment to your separated   partner by court order, or by formal or informal agreement, or if you are now in need of financial support for the first time, you may need specialist advice. Despite the crisis family lawyers are available to help and support clients in need of that advice.

It is more important than ever that couples deal with matters cooperatively and family lawyers can assist that dialogue though many channels. Courts throughout the UK are now only dealing with urgent matters such as emergency protective orders and child abduction. Only in rare cases would an application for immediate financial support be regarded as an emergency so communication and cooperation with the support of family law specialists is more important than ever.  Whilst in certain circumstances an application for spousal support may be considered, this will most likely be by way of written submissions and/or video link rather than the personal appearance of solicitors in the traditional way. It is therefore important that the focus is upon trying to resolve matters away from the courts.

If you require advice, please contact one of our specialist Family solicitors. We are here to assist and you can contact us by e-mail, telephone or a video call can be arranged if required.


Brodies LLP has a team of Family Law solicitors with experience in providing advice on all aspects of separation, divorce and child law. Should you wish specialist legal advice, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.  Please visit our dedicated Divorce and Family Law page at

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