Because there’s more to divorce than splitting up.


Divorce and relationship breakdown bring many challenges; the emotional upheaval can be highly debilitating and the financial implications daunting. Our specialist divorce lawyers will provide you with the tools to minimise that upheaval.

As divorce lawyers, we believe that the best outcomes come from negotiation, collaborative practice or family mediation and we encourage you to avoid the risks associated with going to court where someone else decides what is best for your family.

If court action is necessary and in your interests our divorce lawyers will support you with commitment and tenacity.

Our team of divorce lawyers based in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow can advise you on:

  • whether your children will live with you or in a shared care arrangement
  • what contact they will have with you if they are principally living with your former partner
  • how your children will be supported financially; who will pay school fees, who will live in the family home
  • where should divorce/dissolution proceedings be raised
  • how your business assets will be treated on divorce
  • how much financial support you will receive from or require to pay to your husband or wife or partner

Many of these issues can be considered, negotiated and agreed before you raise divorce or dissolution proceedings so that ultimately you are free to move on with a court action which is uncontested, respectful and civilised.

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