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As many more individuals and couples choose to adopt, an increasing number of families include at least one adopted child.

The adopted child may have been previously looked after by a local authority, may have come from abroad or may have been looked after informally by a relative.

The legal process of adoption can be complex and lengthy. Adoption involves the creation of the parent and child relationship by the court. When adopted, a child is treated in law as the child of the adopter, as if he or she has never been the child of any other person.

The process of adoption can be stressful for families and our experts in adoption law do all that they can to minimise that stress.

Our family lawyers can:

  • provide you with guidance and representation
  • help you decide whether adoption is appropriate to your circumstances
  • advise all individuals involved in the adoption process
  • advise agencies involved in the adoption process
  • advise on other child-related orders such as residence orders, permanence orders and parental orders.

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