Child Maintenance

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Child Maintenance

Although child maintenance can no longer be determined by the court, the Child Maintenance Service still encourages parents to reach voluntary arrangements.

If children have their main residence with one parent following divorce or separation, the other parent has an obligation to contribute to the child’s maintenance.

There is a detailed formula for calculating child maintenance. It is based largely on the income of the parent with whom the children are not living.

We support clients to make enduring arrangements for child maintenance following separation or divorce.

Our divorce lawyers and family law solicitors can advise you on:

  • the appropriate level of child maintenance in accordance with the CMS Regulations
  • the possible areas where variations to the standard formula are possible
  • whether a more creative approach to child maintenance may be beneficial
  • the implications of the costs associated with the non-resident parents having contact with the children
  • the distribution of liability for school fees
  • the implications of one parent living abroad.

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