Children & Divorce

Because there’s more to kids than custody.

Children & Divorce

Most separating or divorcing couples will say that their children come first. The challenge is putting that admirable aspiration into practice.

Often unconsciously, parents place children at the forefront of the battleground of their separation, making it more difficult for the child to cope with separation.

What do we know about separation and children?

Research tells us that it isn’t separation itself which hurts children. It is “how” you separate which can lead to harm.

Conflict and acrimony can affect children in many ways

We will support you to find the best model for the future care of your children.

Conflict and acrimony between separating parents can affect children in many ways including poorer educational outcomes, emotional and physical problems and a greater risk of failed relationships in adult life.

Our divorce lawyers and family law solicitors are experts in their field and know what to do to support you to minimise conflict, maintain mutual respect, and support a continuing relationship between children and both parents.

What we can do to help you and your children:

  • We provide all dispute resolution models for our clients such as mediation, Collaborative law and arbitration.
  • Agreements reached in mediation, negotiation through solicitors or through Collaborative negotiation are generally more likely to produce the best possible outcomes for your children.
  • Sometimes litigation is necessary. Some disputes require to be resolved in Court and if that is so for you and your family, we will litigate with commitment and tenacity.

But divorce and separation are about the future, as well as the here and now. We will support you to find the best model for the future care of your children by:

  • considering how best to take account of your children’s own thoughts, feelings and views
  • discouraging the misguided and damaging view that “it’s up to them”
  • encouraging the continued involvement of both parents to support their children in a practical and meaningful way unless such involvement is not best for your child
  • creating outcomes which will protect children from harm, in the very few cases where the risk of harm is a reality.

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