Dispute Resolution

Because there’s more to a crisis than cost.

Dispute Resolution

Legal separation or divorce brings with it many changes; few of them are welcome. The emotional fallout can often cloud judgement and common sense making an amicable divorce settlement more difficult.

As divorce lawyers and qualified mediators we are aware that much can be done to alleviate the fallout and to enable our clients to bring their “best selves” to any negotiations.

We can provide guidance through:

Mediation – one of the most popular methods of non-litigated dispute resolution in separation and divorce, particularly when there are disagreements about the care of children.

Collaboration – an innovative form of dispute resolution used in family law and it places you, the client, at the heart of the process.

Arbitration – an innovative approach to dispute resolution in family law cases where a family law arbitrator is effectively a private judge, qualified to make legally binding decisions.

The method you choose will depend on our own personal and family circumstances. Our expert team of divorce lawyers, family solicitors and mediators will work with you to determine the best approach.

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