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Mediation is one of the most popular methods of non-litigated dispute resolution in separation and divorce, particularly when there are disagreements about the care of children.

If your communication with your partner has deteriorated, you will have a forum in which you can voice any concerns in the presence of a neutral third party.

A key strength of mediation is that it is confidential and therefore cannot be referred to in court proceedings.

Mediation encourages you and your partner to communicate openly, frankly and freely but always with respect.

Mediation also allows you to explore issues which would not necessarily be considered by the court sometimes because they would be regarded as irrelevant to court proceedings, however important they may be to you.

Our team of mediation lawyers includes, Shaun George, Lisa Girdwood, Donna McKay, Jennifer Wilkie and Lydia McLachlan are all accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as family law mediators and are members of CALM Scotland.

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