Our brand is about more than a name or a logo. It is guided by the story of our firm and is the outcome of a process that has involved talking to our clients, and to our colleagues. That discussion has been crucial in helping us to recognise what we value, what we stand for and what our clients expect from us. It recognises our origins, but also what carries us forward.

Our story is rooted in Scotland during an era of Enlightenment when leading Scots thinkers helped to shape the modern world.  

That story, brought up to date, also recognises and celebrates our belief that together we are capable of creating new ideas, and that in the 21st century - much as it did for those who came before us - our Enlightened Thinking can resonate within Scotland and beyond.

We believe the law can enable rather than constrain. Expert legal services protect our clients and power our most important industries. But in today’s complex, fast changing and interconnected world we must see things from many perspectives, through many lenses.

That is why we unite expert views from all areas of our business, combining those lenses to create something crisp, clear, and new.

Today our brand reflects our story to this point. We hope you will help us write the chapters that follow.


Do you have a copy of our old logo? If you do, we'd love to send you our new logo. Contact us now to let us know.