What is Brodies' Charities & Third Sector Academy?

The Academy is a programme of seminars and webinars delivered by members of Brodies’ top-ranked Charities & Third Sector Team and other experts in the Firm relevant to the charities and third sector.

From time to time, we will also hold special events with invited guests from the sector to debate and discuss issues relevant to the sector, to share ideas and to learn from others' experience.

Who is the Academy for?

The Academy is open to all individuals working or involved in the sector at all levels including, charity trustees and trustees or directors of third sector organisations, members of senior leadership teams and other professionals in the sector.

Why should you attend?

You should attend if you wish to improve your knowledge and understanding of the legal, regulatory and governance issues relevant to your organisation and the wider sector. It will also be an opportunity to increase your contacts and discuss issues with your peers.

The programme

The legal and regulatory issues facing those in the sector are often complex and varied. The programme will include seminars from the many areas of law affecting charities and third sector organisations on a daily basis.

Our programme is flexible, and it is important for us to ensure that the topics covered reflect your needs and so we welcome suggestions for other topics that you think would be beneficial to include.

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If you are interested in being a part of Brodies Charities & Third Sector Academy, please get in touch.

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