Please join us in-person for our Spring Roundup Energy Academy, looking at Carbon Capture & Storage.

In this session we will cover:

1. CCS Updates
Ross Blyth and Christy Young from our Oil & Gas team will provide an update on CCS, including DESNZ Track 1 and Track 2 Phases, CCS Licensing, CCS Call for Evidence and CCS Vision.

2. CCS Contracting Concepts
Laura Petrie from our Oil & Gas team will outline how contracting approaches for CCS need to bring together onshore and offshore contracting concepts and the move towards 'transition contracts' in the energy industry.

3. Health and Safety Considerations in CCS
Malcolm Gunnyeon from our Health & Safety team will discuss the application of the usual health and safety rules, and the particular considerations that arise in relation to CCS operations.

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Laura Petrie


Ross Blyth


Christy Young