We acted for an offshore worker based on remote a Scottish island in a contact action with related proceedings for contempt of court. The court action was raised several years ago by the child's father who was seeking contact. The mother defended the action and insisted on supervision of contact if it was to take place. The father's extended family also entered the process seeking contact with the child.

Key highlights

  • Advising on contact and the perceived need for supervision
  • Advising on competing claims for contact
  • Advising on allegations of threats of violence, sexual abuse of the mother, and sexual abuse of the child
  • Negotiation of contact arrangements involving supervision by different local authorities
  • Instruction of child welfare report
  • Advising on proceedings for contempt of court and interplay with contact action
  • Liaising with Islands local authority regarding contact arrangements
  • 5 days of evidence before a Scottish Sheriff Court


The circumstances of this case involved alleged alienation of the child from the father over an extended period and failure on the part of the mother to adhere to court orders relative to contact. We were successful in obtaining substantial orders for unsupervised contact in favour of the father and a finding of contempt of court which resulted in the child's mother being imprisoned for this first offence. We were also awarded the expenses of the action which spanned over 5 years.