We provided immediate on-site support and advice and guidance throughout the HSE's investigation. We managed the civil damages claim made by the deceased's family.

Our client is a large construction industry business. Any health and safety incident carries significant consequences not only for those directly affected by the incident itself, but the future commercial viability of the business.

Key highlights

  • Immediate on-site major incident response and legal support to preserve and protect our client's position when facing a business-critical event.
  • Liaison with all stakeholders to manage an evolving and potentially reputationally damaging event.
  • Our experienced health and safety lawyers managed all legal processes to mitigate the overall and potential unintended consequences of the incident.


A health and safety incident like this is, of course, devastating for those directly involved and they are the primary concern. However, such an incident also has the potential to affect the commercial health and future of the business. In this case, our immediate and ongoing instruction mitigated the worst-case scenario for the future of our client's business by allowing it to continue to operate without impact on its health and safety record and securing disposal of prosecution on a basis that preserved business continuity. Similarly, the related damages claim was resolved efficiently.


Victoria Anderson

Senior Associate