We were engaged by another Scottish law firm, without a litigation team, to provide support in raising a Court of Session action in an unusual executry matter. 

Jamie Reekie, Solicitor Advocate, provided support by consulting with the client firm and preparing the court papers. We were able to assist in arranging for the papers to be lodged and served; and by arranging to obtain the court's final order when the action was not defended.

Key highlights

  • Brodies provided holistic solicitor and advocacy support.
  • Advocacy support provided in drafting court papers.
  • Support also provided in arranging service and obtaining decree.
  • Brodies involved in only a discrete part of the instructing firm's ongoing mandate.


A firm of Scottish solicitors required an order from the Court of Session so that it could progress an executry matter. The order sought was unusual and could only be obtained from the Court of Session. The instructing firm did not have a litigation function. We were able to assist with both the required services from Advocacy by Brodies, as well as with the practical steps in the court process.

This was a discreet element in the mandate from our client. In order for us to provide the appropriate support the solicitor instructing the work had direct access to our solicitor advocate and did not require to go through another solicitor to contact them. Likewise, when queries arose during the drafting of the Summons, our solicitor advocate was able to make direct contact with the instructing solicitor. This accelerated the process overall. We were instructed to attend to "agency" aspects of lodging and serving the Summons.

We achieved a successful outcome for our client in obtaining the required order, allowing it to progress the executry and continue with the mandate.


Jamie Reekie

Senior Associate & Solicitor Advocate