Spire Global, headquartered in San Francisco, operates one of the largest constellations of private nanosatellites and ground station networks in the world. Scotland is base to several businesses involved in the fast-growing space sector. 

SE's investment assists Spire to move into larger premises in Glasgow with the aim of growing its Scottish-based employees to 320 over the coming years.

This £14.7m investment will help Spire Global develop its infrastructure and technologies, which in turn will create dozens of high-tech and highly skilled jobs and training opportunities in Scotland’s space sector….Spire Global’s expansion sends a strong message that even in these uncertain times, Scotland remains open for business and has the potential to be Europe’s leading space nation. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon


In conjunction with SE's advisors on US securities and CFIUS laws (engaged with our assistance through the TerraLex network) and using our knowledge of SE's investment requirements we advised on the terms of the investment documentation for SE and co-ordinated SE's participation in Spire's US funding round with Spire's counsel in San Francisco.


Alasdair Dunn

Senior Associate