What are caveats?

A caveat is a request to the court to receive advance notice of someone trying to obtain certain court orders against you, your business or your organisation. Where a caveat is lodged in your name or the name of your business or organisation, the court must give us (as your solicitor) notice that an application for certain court order(s) has been made, so that we have the opportunity to attend a hearing and oppose the order(s) on your behalf. If a caveat is in place and the application for the order(s) is successfully opposed, not only would you be saved from having a court order made against you, it is also cheaper and easier to defend your position at the initial hearing than it is to try and recall the order at a later date.

How can we help?

Caveats are a cost-effective way to protect you, your business or your organisation. We have significant experience dealing with caveats in the Court of Session and all of the Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland. We can arrange for caveats to be lodged on behalf of you, your business or your organisation and provide support and advice if those caveats are triggered.

For more information see our caveat information sheet below or contact our caveats team at caveats@brodies.com.