Collaborative practice or resolution is an innovative form of dispute resolution which places clients at the heart of the process. It is designed to allow you to bring your “best self” to the table. This way of resolving matters allows you to take responsibility for your future and supports you to create a solution which is right for you and your family.

Our collaborative lawyers will encourage you to be your own spokesperson and formulate your own solutions.

One of the things we agree at the outset of the process is not to take the matter to court. This is a strong and important message for separated couples. The collaborative way of resolving matters is aimed at achieving outcomes which are defined by fairness and respect for one another.

The process is defined by openness and good faith and there is commitment to full financial disclosure. The discussions which take place always involve both lawyers and clients which helps to cut down on the time and cost spent on other forms of communication. We can draw upon other trained experts to assist in the valuation of assets and financial planning. We can also involve trained counsellors to help with emotional issues and to minimise conflict. The focus is on mutual interests and agreed outcomes rather than defending rights in an adversarial context.

We are leaders in advocating the Collaborative way of resolving matters to our clients and have a vast amount of experience of advising clients in this process. Our dedication to this form of dispute resolution is evident in the fact that we have the largest number of Collaboratively trained family lawyers across Scotland.

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Collaborative Approach key highlights

  • All our Collaboratively trained family are members of the Scottish group of collaborative lawyers, Consensus
  • We have the largest team of Collaborative family lawyers in Scotland.
  • Shaun George has for many years served on the national committee of Consensus and has been involved in setting up the European group, ENCP.
  • With a team in Inverness we support clients across the Highlands and beyond, including Shetland, Orkney, Speyside, the Isle of Skye and the Western Isles.

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