Managing assets and wealth, so they can be passed to the next generation in a tax-efficient way, can be a complex business.

Family investment companies are a valuable way to manage assets and inheritance in a variety of circumstances, whether the purpose is to invest significant wealth while having access to a retirement or 'rainy day' fund, retain more control or to enable greater inheritance flexibility over who benefits, when, and to what extent.

Our experience in this area tells us every situation – and family – is different. From those who have benefited from the sale of a business, to those with investment portfolios, trading companies, property businesses – and even executries - we have put in place family investment companies for a wide range of scenarios and circumstances.

This versatility is due to our collaborative approach; working with colleagues across the firm who specialise in estate planning, succession, corporate, property, family law and accountancy.

Our tax specialists work closely with you to identify and understand your specific objectives, to deliver a personalised structure that can benefit you, and generations that follow.

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Family Investment Companies key highlights

  • We offer tier one expertise in every aspect required for the implementation of a Family Investment Company.
  • Dual qualified in Scotland and England & Wales, to advise on cross-border matters.
  • Our team includes qualified chartered accountants.

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