Trusts are a useful means of ensuring your assets are protected in a tax-efficient way. They can also play a valuable role in managing the compensation received by an adult or a child for personal injury.

A personal injury trust fund protects any compensation awarded and crucially, ensures that entitlement to important income streams like means-tested benefits and in some cases, local authority support, is preserved. It can also be a useful means of managing assets for individuals who are incapacitated or unable to make financial decisions for themselves.

Providing advice that is tailored to individual circumstances, our experienced trust practitioners and accredited specialists can set up and manage a personal injury trust for you or a loved one.

We also have a new streamlined service for smaller awards up to £100,000, ensuring you can still benefit from a personal injury trust. You can download our smaller awards service brochure below.

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Personal Injury Trusts key highlights

  • Qualified in Scotland, England and Wales to act on cross-border matters.
  • We currently administer over 50 Personal Injury Trusts.
  • Mark Stewart is Convenor of the Law Society of Scotland’s specialist accreditation panel for Trust Law.
  • Provide tailored Personal Injury Trust options for recipients of personal injury awards of any size.
  • Susanne Batchelor is instructed by litigators to provide expert opinion regarding the benefits and costs of PI trusts.
  • Susanne Batchelor and Jessica Flowerdew provide verifiable CPD to litigators on the importance of PI trusts.
Pricing information
Personal Injury Trust Price Transparency Guide - pricing information required by Law Society of Scotland price transparency guidance and the SRA Transparency Rules.
Personal Injury Trust Price Transparency Guide(445.59 KB)

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