As regulated by UK law, surrogacy is legal in Scotland, but has a stringent set of rules on how a surrogacy arrangement should operate. It is therefore important to properly understand the legal implications of entering into a surrogacy arrangement.

Surrogacy is where a surrogate mother carries a child for intended parents as part of an arrangement entered between them. The surrogate (and her spouse) will continue to be the child’s legal parent until a court orders otherwise and will have parental rights and responsibilities in relation to the child as a result. 

The intended parents are not legally the child’s parents until a parental, or adoption order, is made by the court. Until then, the surrogate is not obliged to hand over the child to the intended parents unless and until the court has determined the matter. The court has a number of factors to consider when determining whether to make a parental order and it is important to understand that criteria at an early stage.

Sarah Lilley, accredited child law specialist and partner

For international surrogacies, it is important to be advised carefully on the differences in surrogacy arrangements entered elsewhere in the world and what you can or cannot do as part of that arrangement. It is important to plan ahead and consider issues which may arise when returning to the UK.

Because of our connections with family lawyers based around the world, and our in-house immigration expertise, we can provide coherent guidance to intended parents planning to enter an international surrogacy arrangement.

Thank you again for all your hard work and support. I have very much appreciated it and I genuinely could not have asked for anyone better to act on my behalf. 

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  • Lisa Girdwood regularly presents at national conferences on issues concerning child law including surrogacy.

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