Is being a summer student at Brodies the only way to receive a traineeship?

No. While we do consider all successful summer students as traineeship applicants by allowing them to sit our trainee assessments, we leave spaces for new applicants to be recruited directly into the traineeship. We appreciate that summer placements are not always an option for candidates for a variety of reasons and we often top up traineeship places outwith the regular recruitment cycle, so you should keep an eye on our website for these opportunities.

Where will I work?

We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to summer placements to allow you to realise your full potential. We invite you to tell us in which office you would prefer to be based, and the department you would most like to work in. Wherever possible we try to accommodate your preferences. However, if we can’t find a seat for you in your desired team we will make sure we find a similar or complimentary seat for you that will help round out your experience of law.

When can I apply for a summer placement?

You can apply to be a summer student with Brodies from 3rd year of your LLB onwards or, if you are on the accelerated course, you can apply from 1st year. There is also nothing to stop you applying when you are in 4th year or even during or after your diploma year.