Q: When do your applications open for 2021 Traineeships?

A: Applications are open from June 2019, closing on 5 August 2019.

Q: I missed the application window; do I have to wait until next year?

A: Not necessarily. We often top up places during the year where traineeship spaces have become available. This is achieved through mini-assessment centres throughout the year. You should keep an eye on our website for these opportunities.

Q: How many departments will I have the chance to work in during the two years?

A: Your traineeship will consist of three placements, each lasting eight months. You will also have the opportunity to work in our Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh offices.

Q: How can I get greater insight into life as a trainee at Brodies?

A: Our trainees write their own blog, BTrainees, which provides first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be a Brodies trainee - including practical advice and tips. You can subscribe to this blog by visiting the Brodies blog area. You can also follow us on social media through our pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin - or search for the hashtag #brodiestrainees 

Q: Will I be able to give preferences of location?

A: We will definitely take your preferences into account. However, we do suggest that one of your placements should not be in your home location to give you broader exposure to the firm and expand your network of contacts in other departments.

Q: Will I be able to choose which departments I would like to work in?

A: At various points before and during your traineeship we will ask you about your preferences and provide as much information as possible about each seat in order to help you make informed choices. However, we cannot guarantee that we can always accommodate your preferences as placements are dictated by the needs of our business.

Q: What departments do you have at Brodies?

A: Our departments are Banking, Corporate and Commercial, Litigation, Real Estate and Personal & Family.

Q: What type of work can I expect as part of my traineeship?

A: We are keen for you to get the most out of your traineeship by involving you in quality work with key clients. This may include client contact, involvement in a real estate transaction or preparing papers for court. There are also secondment opportunities for trainees that allow you to get closer to our clients and help build your commercial knowledge.

Q: What information and support will I receive before starting my traineeship?

A: We will keep you updated on life at Brodies. A trainee event is held each year, when  you will have the opportunity to meet existing trainees and the other candidates in your peer group. Shortly before you start with Brodies we will allocate you a ‘buddy’. Your buddy will be one of our existing trainees and they will help you find your feet and answer any questions that you may have.

Q: What training will I receive during the two years?

A: The induction programme is designed to give you the knowledge you need to get started. It will span a number of weeks and will include ‘lunch & learn’ sessions with different departments. You will also receive taster training seminars in business development, commercial awareness and time management. Training will be provided during each of your placements. This may include seminars, on-the-job training or picking up tips at a team meeting. As part of your traineeship you will also attend professional competence training. Read more on trainee development.

Q: I would like to do a secondment during my traineeship. Will this be possible?

A: We encourage secondments and our trainees have been seconded to work with a number of our clients, including large financial services institutions.