Finding your feet

Your induction is one of the most important starting points to your career with Brodies and will span a number of weeks. Our structured induction programme will help you start work in your department and assist you in picking up key information as you go along. The induction programme will include ‘lunch and learn’ sessions with other departments, business development training, commercial awareness and time management sessions.

Building your knowledge

During your traineeship your legal knowledge will grow by completing Trainee Continuing Professional Development (TCPD). This is an essential part of your commitment to the Law Society of Scotland. TCPD training consists of structured learning over and above your on-the-job learning. Trainees complete a minimum of 60 hours over two years, and the programme includes a mandatory ethics course. We have accreditation to run this training in-house.

During your three seats you will receive department-specific training. This may include attending seminars with your colleagues, one-to-one training and picking up hints and tips at team meetings.

Over to you

We want you to take ownership of your career and set yourself challenging, specific objectives during each of your seats. You will attend quarterly reviews with your line manager, which will give you an opportunity to discuss your performance against our trainee competency framework. The review will be a two-way discussion, during which you will receive feedback, explore your strengths and discuss your goals for the next quarter.

It is important to self-assess your progress during your traineeship and ask for feedback when necessary. This means that there will be no surprises when it comes to your quarterly reviews!

Law Society requirements

The Law Society plays an important role during your traineeship and we will  provide it with updates on your progress throughout the course of the two years. As part of your quarterly reviews you will be responsible for ensuring the correct forms are completed and sent to the Law Society on time. You will also be required to complete a log book detailing the range of work you have completed. This helps you keep track of your work/progress and provides guidelines for the type of work you should be getting involved in for each seat. More information on what the Law Society requires can be found on the education and careers section of the Society's website.

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