In early 2023, Scotland's first green freeports were announced; Inverness and Cromarty Firth (ICF) Green Freeport, and Firth of Forth Green Freeport. Business cases for each are now in development.

Green freeports are large, designated zones within which operators and businesses will undertake work that contributes to decarbonisation and Scotland's journey to net zero, while simultaneously creating jobs and economic growth for local communities.

Green freeports present new opportunities for the private and public sectors – including investment and commercial development, as well as tax, customs and operational benefits for businesses.

Our cross-practice team includes lawyers with projects, construction, real estate, renewables and tax expertise, as well as considerable experience in the public and ports sectors. Together we discuss the details, answer pressing questions, and provide clarity to what lies ahead and how you can prepare now.

Green freeports key contacts

Niall McLean

Partner & Solicitor Advocate

Isobel d'Inverno

Director of Corporate Tax

Laura Petrie


Robert Ross


Derek Stroud