In 2021, UK based securitisations of all classes of collateral (predominantly RMBS, but also Auto, and CMBS) incorporating Scottish loans (or other contractual obligations) continued to be attractive to originators, issuers, arrangers and funders due, in part, to a large degree of regulatory and legal alignment between England & Wales and Scotland. However, there are a number of distinctive elements of Scots law that can unseat those who have not fully adapted transaction documentation purporting to securitise Scottish receivables to take account of those differences.

We have updated our short practical guide on the Scottish aspects of securitisation or warehouse financing deals involving Scottish assets. The guide should be the first place to check for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, such as 'what law should govern the transaction documents' and 'what Scottish security can be taken'. Our dedicated securitisation team would be happy to help with any questions you might have on all types of securitisation transactions incorporating Scottish assets.

Banking partner and Scottish securitisation specialist Marion MacInnes will be attending the 23rd annual Global ABS conference again this year and will be joined by Peter Brading, a key member of our securitisation team.


Peter Brading

Senior Associate

Marion MacInnes

Head of Banking and Finance & Partner