We have seminars coming soon which will be of interest to those in the charities and third sectors.

Below are details of the events, locations and timings as well as sign-up for them.

As a regular feature of our seminars (to reflect the breadth of the sector and the issues that crop up and as Scotland's largest legal resource), the seminars will involve input from colleagues in specialist legal areas. Colleagues in specialist areas who, importantly, also have the experience of applying that knowledge to charities and third sector organisations.

The seminars are:

Registering risk

This seminar is designed to help charities appreciate the key risk issues to address in assisting them to best further their purposes. As well as risk mitigation and dealing with results of risk that comes to a reality, the seminar will also consider more positive aspects of risk, such as governance and other important matters for a charity or third sector organisation.

Edinburgh - 10 October

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Glasgow - 12 November

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Health & safety: charities and third sector

Health and safety obligations apply to a wide range of organisations - and, as prosecutions and fines for health and safety breaches continue to rise, organisations in the charities and third sector need to be prepared. So what are your responsibilities and what could happen if there is a health and safety incident?

In this seminar we will:

explain the health and safety responsibilities of the organisation, office bearers and senior staff;

explain the civil and criminal legal processes which can follow a health and safety incident;

provide an update on prosecution trends and potential penalties;

discuss what you need to consider pre- and post-incident to effectively deal with a health and safety breach.

Glasgow - 19 November

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Edinburgh - 27 November

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Disclosure and information sharing

There are changes afoot in new forthcoming legislation that will affect charities - particularly in connection with children, young people and vulnerable beneficiaries. With safeguarding of central importance, charity trustees and others will want and need to be aware of changes in this area to ensure policies, procedures and practices are ready for legislative updates.

Glasgow - 19 September

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Edinburgh - 3 October

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