We have free seminars coming up in June covering some important current issues for charities and third sector organisations. The focus will be the theme ofsafeguarding.

Risk and safeguarding have never been so fundamental to how charities and other third sector organisations carry out their activities. This seminar will consider the issues against a backdrop including:

  • there has also been a 'media spotlight' on the issues and greater public expectations.
  • regulators are also strongly highlighting that trustees must have current, robust and appropriate policies and practices to address key risks and maintain safeguarding.
  • the focus on safeguarding risks should remind trustees and management about wider risk management, insurance, liability, legal form choice and regulatory matters such as 'notifiable events'.
  • some of the issues will introduce multi-regulator considerations to ensure compliance and the effective provision of good service and activities.

Dates for your diaries and sign up

The seminar will be on: