We can help those in Jersey navigate the new charity registration law as it is echoes the Scottish 'charity test.'

As Guidance Note 2 from the Jersey Charity Commissioner on the Operation of the Charities (Jersey) Law 2014 says:- "as a condition of registration,[the Charities (Jersey) Law 2014] brings into effect the 'charity test' that is a feature of the law in Scotland."

With the Scottish charities act at a genesis of the 2014 Law one would suspect the development of the law in Scotland to date will provide some form of guidance in Jersey. We can assist those dealing with Jersey charity registration to understand and apply concepts and rules forming part, as well as the parameters, of the [Scottish] charity test. There may also be novel situations which arise under the Jersey Law, but which have been considered in Scotland already - on the basis of the same legislative underpinning. We can help provide answers, examples and solutions based on our Scottish experience and expertise.

Here to help

If it could be helpful to discuss how we might be able to help you help charities in Jersey with the 2014 Law and the close Scottishsimilarities on what is recognisable as a charity, do get in touch.

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