On Monday night, another summer of love came to an end as the Love Island villa closed its doors. It was a whirlwind 8 weeks full of love, drama and texts (MESSAGE!). There were highs, lows, arguments and make ups - much like everyday romances.

We watched intently as the Islanders tried to build connections in the hope of finding love. For some it went smoothly - others had a more difficult ride. Amy and Curtis seemed to be set but his head was turned when Maura went 'factor 50' with her grafting. Upon her return from Casa Amor, Amber was crushed to find out Michael had chosen to dump her for new islander, Joanna.

Molly-Mae said that Tommy had attributes she hoped her future husband would have, so maybe Love Island wedding bells will be ringing - we all know Ellie-Belly would make a great flower girl. Whilst everyone hopes their relationship will last, it is unfortunately not always the case. So what are your options if, after walking down the aisle, your other half behaves like a right melt? If an 'I'm sorry' toast breakfast isn't enough to get your relationship back on track then you may require to raise divorce proceedings. Divorce will only be granted if it can be shown that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. Irretrievable breakdown in Scotland will be established on proof of:

  • One party's adultery;
  • One party's unreasonable behaviour;
  • The non-cohabitation of the parties for one year when both parties consent to the divorce; or
  • The non-cohabitation of the parties for two years.

Whilst rings and wedding vows are probably a while off for this year's Islanders, they may be thinking about moving in together. If so, I would suggest they have a read of my blog from this time last year about Cohabitation Agreements.

Should you find yourself in a relationship breakdown, do not turn to a 'professional...ballroom dancer' for advice, turn to a professional...family solicitor. We may have fewer sequins but we are best placed to advise you on all matters arising from the breakdown of a relationship or marriage. Our aim is to guide you through the legal process as efficiently and pragmatically as possible. Send us an email or give us a call and we would be pleased to assist.


Kate Bradbury