The UK's decision to leave the European Union is likely to impact on many of the commercial contracts that organisations have in place, but until the UK negotiates its exit, there will remain a great deal of uncertainty on what the actual impact will be.

So while for the time being it is business as usual, there are actions you can take now by way of basic planning that will make it easier when the impact becomes clearer:

  • Ensure all of your contracts are identified and located so they can be analysed for Brexit impact.
  • Conduct high level Brexit reviews to identify contracts that might be impacted, especially high risk/priority ones.
  • Consider the strategic options for affected contracts and what steps you might take to mitigate the impact when the time comes.

Download more information in our guide on the possible impacts of Brexit on commercial contracts and the actions you should be taking now.

Expert advice and support

We can help you prepare for Brexit. Our commercial contract specialists can provide expert advice and support, plus our innovative contract management solution, BOrganised can help you identify the contracts you need to review.

For more information on impact of Brexit on commercial contracts, the actions you should be taking now and the advice and support available to you, download our guide. You can also keep up to date with the latest Brexit developments by visiting our Brexit Hub.