"It's not that complicated."

"We can just do it ourselves."

"It's all pretty civil and amicable."

"Lawyers will just make it worse."

There are many reasons why couples imagine that it isn't necessary to take advice from a lawyer following relationship breakdown.

However, the reality is that specialist and experienced family lawyers will be able to advise on the various options for resolution, and to focus on how best to address matters swiftly, smoothly and constructively.

We always find that after meeting with the client for the first time, their anxiety is greatly reduced because a lot of uncertainty is removed from what can be an extremely difficult situation.

Removing anxiety can help clients massively and early advice should assist that process.

Good lawyers will always look at how to resolve matters constructively, and seek to dissipate any acrimony rather than increase it.

Their focus is to find solutions to problems.

Sometimes initial advice is all that is required to assist clients to have discussions with their estranged spouse or partner, but those discussions are almost always facilitated by having taken advice in the first instance.