Today is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. It provides, amongst other things, an opportunity to check in on our own mental health and the wellbeing of those around us.

My colleagues and I in Brodies' Family Law Team work to assist clients through what is often the most stressful experience of their lives – the breakdown of a relationship. Each member of the team recognises the impact such situations can have upon the mental health of our clients.

The primary advice we would offer any potential or existing client who is suffering with their mental health would be this – let us know. The reason for being open with us is that the more information we have about our clients and their circumstances, the better placed we are to help them. This includes any past or present struggles they have had relating to any aspect of their physical or mental health.

The stress caused by relationship breakdown can in some cases inhibit our ability to absorb information. When our clients meet with us they are often given a lot of new information. If a client thinks that they may struggle to take in that information then we would encourage them to bring along a friend or family member to assist and support. We work alongside many mental health professionals who can often provide clients with support and guidance in addressing the negative consequences of relationship breakdown.

We must also remember that the children of separating parents can struggle with their mental health. It is important that we are made aware if a client's child is dealing with a mental health difficulty as that will help us to offer the best advice taking account of the family's individual circumstances. Children too may derive support from mental health professionals.

The best family law solicitors assist their clients in a professional yet sympathetic manner. Help us to help you in this way by letting us know how you are.


Sarah Lilley