The romantics of the world are having a good week, as the news has broken of the engagement of Prince Harry and actress, Meghan Markle. In the Spring, the eyes of the world will be upon them as they tie the knot in what will undoubtedly be a lavish ceremony.

Behind the scenes however, it is likely that there will be far more to organise than the bride's gown and best man's speech. It is not uncommon for those who have a high public profile or who have accumulated significant wealth, to insist on a pre-nuptial agreement being signed before the marriage. Whether or not the Prince and Ms Markle will do so is something we are unlikely ever to know.

Pre-nuptial agreements are no longer just for the rich and famous. In a society where couples are marrying later in life having accumulated wealth or when second or even third marriages are planned, they are becoming increasingly common. If entered into with appropriate advice, they are likely to be treated as binding in Scotland and are a good way of protecting wealth which otherwise would be shared on divorce with a spouse.

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Donna McKay

Legal Director