The question “which animal” makes me laugh – I had a maths teacher who would point at an algebra graph and ask that very question (I remember one-time uttering “snake?” It wasn’t the correct answer).

When it comes to a discussion on what type of divorce lawyer to instruct, the question of “which animal” is one that crops up from time to time. I once overheard someone in a conversation say: “If I get divorced, I would want my divorce lawyer to be a rottweiler – I would want them to take the other side apart”.

I had a hard time with the image of someone wanting to adopt the role of a dog with a capture and kill instinct when talking about their beloved spouse – I also felt they were being unfair to rottweilers who can be good-natured, obedient dogs.

So, when instructing a divorce lawyer which “animal” should you be looking for?

A rottweiler? For their devoted and alert qualities. A lion? For being strong and courageous. What about an elephant? They never forget!

But is the answer not simple?

Most family lawyers worth their salt will adopt the approach suitable to your circumstances.

They will tailor their advice and their approach to your needs. Advise you with caution, consideration and objectivity. Listen to you. Give you options and explain to you the resultant outcomes of each. They will also fight your corner when you need them to.

Perhaps we are chameleons?

At Brodies we stand by five core values: care, collaboration, collegiate, courage and character. Which “animal” are you really looking for?