In March, employment tribunals responded to wider government restrictions driven by the Coronavirus pandemic. All hearings in person were postponed and alternative COVID-secure methods of dealing with cases were explored. The Presidents of the Scottish, English and Welsh tribunals jointly issued a 'road map' intended to lead back towards normal operations by the end of this year.

A system for dealing with cases virtually is now operational, and hearings in some cases have resumed in employment tribunal offices around the country. Specific rules and guidance have been issued to deal with both. In the meantime, wider freedoms continue to be subject to change in line with Government guidance from area to area.

In this session we looked at:

  • Virtual or in person – which factors may determine the type of hearing you get, and will you have a say?
  • What you'll need to know, and do to prepare for and participate in either type of hearing
  • Particular considerations for witnesses
  • Public access to hearings – aspects of this you may need to consider


Brian Campbell

Legal Director

Lynne Marr