In this session, Elaine McIlroy and Hazel Coutts were joined by Alistair Dickson, Director of HR at Quarriers, one of Scotland's leading social care charities.

Alistair offered some insights and practical experiences of working in the social care sector during the pandemic and they discuss what considerations are relevant from an HR perspective in relation to the vaccine: what approach to take, consultation issues and what information to request from employees.

This session also touches on some of the health and safety, employment law and data protection issues to consider when establishing your policy on the vaccine in relation to your employees.

About Quarriers

Through over 100 services across Scotland, Quarriers provide practical care and support to thousands of children, adults and families facing extremely difficult circumstances to reach their true potential. They challenge poverty and inequality of opportunity to bring about positive changes in people’s lives, and they currently support 6,491 people throughout Scotland. Their dedicated staff work with the people they support to ensure their needs and wishes are at the centre of everything they do.

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Hazel Coutts

Senior Associate

Alistair Dickson

Director of HR, Quarriers