Hybrid working is now as much a part of our everyday language as the "new norm" and "you're on mute". Many employers are looking at different models of working in preparation for getting employees back to offices and other workplaces when it's safe to do so. Hybrid working seems to be the run-away favourite.

In this session we looked at:

  • what is hybrid working? What are its benefits and downsides - is it for your organisation?
  • if you are moving to a hybrid working model, what are the practical and legal issues you should be thinking about including:
    • managing teams split between home and office and avoiding discrimination bear traps
    • health and safety issues, working time and managing reasonable adjustments for disabled employees
    • confidentiality, protecting data and employee monitoring
  • how can you successfully implement hybrid working?
    • do you need to change contracts of employment and if so, how?
    • do you need a policy and what should it cover?


Joan Cradden


Lynne Marr