We don't know yet what (if any) immigration controls will be used to restrict the ability of EU Nationals to come to the UK and/or to continue living and working here after Brexit.

This uncertainty has generated a lot of upset for EU Nationals settled here and whilst many employers are understandably keen to do what they can to reassure and support EU Nationals working in their businesses they are unclear what they can say or do in practical terms to help.

Since the referendum in June, our team has been actively involved in helping employers to provide support to their EU National staff, many of whom are simply confused about what they can do to try and secure their immigration status and retain the right to stay in the UK post-Brexit.

Steps that can be taken range from applying for an EEA Residency Card or Permanent Residency Card through to naturalising as a British Citizen.

Which route is best will very much depend on the specific circumstances of each EU National including of course whether the relevant eligibility requirements are met.

If you are keen to provide some practical support to EU Nationals working in your business please do contact either Lynne Marr or your usual Brodies contact.


Lynne Marr