Brexit and recent decisions by the European authorities on the ability to transfer data into and outside the EU and the UK all mean that there are new rules and obligations that HR professionals need to be aware of.

The importance of compliance is also growing as the number of data breaches increases and the possibility of class actions in both Scotland and England and Wales looms ever larger. HR professionals need to know how best to manage the data that we use in our day to day working lives. This short webinar will highlight the key developments for HR teams and those dealing with employee data.

In this session, presented jointly by our employment and data protection teams, we discussed and answered the following questions:

  • What law currently applies to data protection in the UK?
  • What should we say about data protection in our contracts of employment?
  • Where does HR data go and why do we need to know?
  • What are privacy notices and why should HR care about them?
  • Should we have a data protection policy?
  • Data Subject Access Requests – the latest thinking on how to respond
  • Settlement Agreements – what should you include in relation to data protection and why?


Tony Hadden

Head of Employment & Partner

Martin Sloan