As part of our Enlightened Thinking series on Innovation, Joan Cradden a partner in our Employment & Immigration team tells us more about Workbox by Brodies, our award-winning online HR and employment law site.

What is Workbox by Brodies?

Workbox by Brodies is our online HR and employment law site which provides subscribers with quick access to FAQs, guidance and templates covering the full spectrum of HR issues.

Subscribers benefit from trusted resources to:

  • guide them through key processes 
  • review contracts and policies
  • manage both day-to-day and more complex HR issues
  • train their teams.

Workbox by Brodies content is practical, up-to-date and written in plain English by our leading employment lawyers.

Which organisations is Workbox by Brodies suitable for?

There isn't a 'typical' Workbox by Brodies subscriber. It is suitable for all organisations, regardless of size or sector. Our subscribers include SME's and large corporations; private, public and third section organisations; and those with and without dedicated HR teams.

Why was Workbox by Brodies developed?

We developed Workbox by Brodies in 2016, as we were becoming increasingly aware of the number of clients and HR professionals who were searching online for employment law resources. The searches were often leading to out-of-date draft documents or incorrectly populated forms or letters being used, increasing the risk of mistakes being made.

All good innovation is about making things simple, so we created an easy-to-use, trusted online resource to answer day-to-day employment law and HR questions, and provide a comprehensive range of template letters, policies and forms for a fixed price.

What is included in a Workbox by Brodies subscription?

Workbox by Brodies offers great value for money. For a fixed annual cost, subscribers have access to:

  • comprehensive HR guidance pages with practical and straightforward FAQs;
  • 200+ template contracts, policies, letters and forms;
  • ready-to-go training materials;
  • our What's New?' page, tracking recent and forthcoming employment legislation, cases and consultations;
  • an e-mail helpline to provide straightforward support, but if you need more, we have a range of additional support systems available.

What do subscribers say about Workbox by Brodies?

The whole team agrees – Workbox has become a favourite resource. Whether we need a sense-check on the day-to-day, a development tool for our managers, or guidance and templates to help plan a big change project; now we've got Workbox we wouldn't be without it! MOWI
Workbox is great – it gives us access to up-to-date and easy to understand HR guidance. The template documents available on site are really, really useful. T Clarke Contracting Limited

Where can you find out more about Workbox by Brodies?

To find out more about how a Workbox subscription could benefit your business, or to arrange a short online demo, click the button below. Alternatively, please get in touch with a member of our Employment and Immigration team.


Joan Cradden