There is a strong financial incentive for businesses to market products as environmentally-friendly. Indeed, in a recent study it was reported that 57% of all consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce their negative environmental impact.  However, regulatory authorities such as the ASA and the CMA are demonstrating a heightened focus on corporate marketing practices relating to environmental credentials. There is now heightened regulatory scrutiny on marketing claims and we are witnessing more robust enforcement action against non-compliant marketing claims.

This session covered the following:

  • the regulatory framework: ASA and working arrangements with statutory bodies;
  • what does the CAP Code permit in relation to environmental claims?;
  • what is meant by a full lifecycle analysis and what type of documentation do advertisers need to exhibit?;
  • what is the enforcement climate in light of recent ASA guidance?; and
  • what can we expect from the CMA probe into the FMCG sector?