The Scottish Government's comprehensive deposit return scheme (DRS), scheduled to come into effect on 16 August 2023, will impose significant compliance obligations on all producers, importers, wholesalers and retailers (including online retailers and the hospitality sector) of the vast majority of drinks sold in Scotland in single-use containers. The DRS is not limited to businesses operating in Scotland, but rather applies to anyone, located anywhere in the UK or internationally, who supplies products into the Scottish market.

It is vital that all businesses involved in the drinks supply chain plan for the impact of the new scheme, including the relevant timescales and compliance obligations. For example, producers must comply with their obligation to register by the end of February if they want their products to continue to be sold in Scotland once the DRS takes effect.

This two-part webinar series covered the main obligations imposed by the DRS, including key compliance steps, deadlines, regulatory scope, applicable fees and potential exemptions. The first webinar focused on drinks producers' obligations, and the second on retailers.