1. Why did you become a H&S lawyer?

I was always interested in challenging the position adopted by regulators like HSE and engaging with the Scottish Crown. Through the years I've found that I also enjoy conducting internal investigations on behalf of clients. I enjoy understanding how incidents arose and advising on steps to avoid repeats.

2. What three things can't you live without to do your job?

First, the colleagues with whom I work. Navigating health & safety incidents requires a group of experts. We have a fantastic team at Brodies who work together to assist clients under investigation.

Second, a pen and paper – I'm a bit old school in that I use them to note down points during a site visit before typing up notes on the laptop.

Third, welly boots! I've been on enough sites, including large estates and construction sites, to know that it can be dirty work.

3. Is there a case that stands out for you?

All cases are different and memorable in their own way. I've recently concluded a case by representing a construction company in court following an electrocution incident. I've also recently provided compliance training to clients in Huntly – the seven hour round trip was made worthwhile by the fantastic views on the estate land.

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Ramsay Hall

Legal Director