1. How did you get Involved in International Arbitration? 

I first assisted in a UNCITRAL model law arbitration around 30 years ago as a junior solicitor. My first memorable task was to seek support from the Scottish Courts by way of letter of request to try and recover documents from a company based in Norway. The fire alarm went off half way during the hearing and we had to evacuate the court but we eventually got our order later that morning!

2. Describe the benefits of International Arbitration in 3 words? 

Flexibility, specialism, privacy.

3. Describe your most memorable experience in International Arbitration? (Whether it be satisfying or challenging) 

Probably my first 100-day arbitration under the ICE Expedited Arbitration Procedure. Although the arbitration only involved declarations of principle it was a significant and complex dispute requiring a significant amount of work in a very short period.

4. What's your best piece of advice for clients when it comes to International Arbitration? 

Establish your team well in advance and ensure peoples time is freed up to commit to the process.

5. Name your top tip for when doing International Arbitration. 

Again, prepare your arguments well in advance and ensure you have anticipated the other sides arguments and potential weaknesses. Robust arguments and the ability to respond quickly and concisely is most likely to result in early resolution.


David Arnott